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About KRSL

KRSL AM was established in January of 1956 by the Gleason Brothers. Fred Thompson and two partners purchased the station in 1958, and in 1965 they added the FM station. A new tower was added in 1984 that doubled the height of the original tower to 400 feet.

In 1984 the stations were purchased by a group of investors, Russell Broadcasting LLTD, and then General Manager, Wayne Grabbe began airing satellite programming, a country music format on KRSL AM 990 and an adult contemporary music format on KCAY FM 95.9. KRSL/KCAY were only the second stations inKansasto use a satellite service, something that is now common in the radio business. 

In 1990, a new group of investors, West Central Radio, purchased the stations. The stations eventually dropped the country music format and began broadcasting the adult contemporary music format on both stations.

In 2006, former Kansas City Royals broadcaster Fred White and his wife Barbara (Boxberger) purchased the stations.

In 2008, the KCAY call letters for the FM station were changed to KRSL-FM and both stations began airing a classic hits music format.

In 2010, the stations were again split, continuing to air the classic hits music format on “Classic Hits 95.9” and began airing a classic country format on “KRSL AM 990”.

In 2014, another significant upgrade was done to the stations with the installation of new AM and FM transmitters and audio processing equipment.

For any inquires about the stations, please contact General Manager Mike McKenna at

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