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Russell County Commissioners Discuss Tack Oil Malfunction

Russell County Commissioners 1-7-19The Russell County Commissioners met Monday and discussed road repair projects and Russell County Sheriff's Office vehicles.

In finishing the resurfacing of Highway 40 just east of Russell last week, the roadway experienced some type of tack oil malfunction with the chip sealed surface. Some of the oil came up and stuck to car tires and car bodies as vehicles drove over the surface.

Russell County Public Works Director Alan Kuntzsch spoke with the Commissioners at length about the issue.

Commissioner Steve Reinhardt explains.

Also Monday, the Commissioners received an update on the closure of Shoreline Road near Wilson Lake.

The road has been closed for several months due to washouts and landslides.

The purchase of vehicles for the Sheriff's Office was also addressed.

The plumbing repair project at the Sheriff's Office was also discussed.

Meeting Minutes

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