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City of Russell is a Census 2020 Partner

Census 2020 ProclamationRussell Mayor Curt Mader signed a proclamation Tuesday recognizing the City of Russell as a Census 2020 Partner to emphasize the importance of achieving an accurate and complete count in the Census.

According to the proclamation, the Census is vital to the Russell community in that the data ensures fair Congressional representation by determining how many seats each state will have in the US House of Representatives as well as the redistricting of state legislature, county and city councils, and voting districts.

The Census is also used to help determine where to locate schools, daycare centers, senior citizen centers, hospitals and other facilities and is used to make decisions concerning business growth and jobs.

Census data is the basis for allocation of billions of dollars of federal, state and county funds for social and other programs.

Russell City Clerk Katrina Woelk...

The Census is used for planning for public transportation services, planning health and education services for people with disabilities, urban planning, land use planning, developing assistance programs for low-income families, making business decisions, school projects, developing adult education programs, and attracting new businesses to state and local areas.

Census information is confidential and federal law prohibits any public or private agency from gaining access to confidential Census data.

According to the proclamation, the City of Russell is committed to collaborating with the US Census Bureau in preparing for Census 2020 through address list updates, Census map corrections and jurisdictional boundary updates.

(Photo: David Driscoll with Census 2020, Russell City Clerk Katrina Woelk, Russell County Economic Development and CVB Co-Director Ashley Wickham, City of Russell Human Resources Director Kayla Schneider and Steven Hale with Census 2020 with Mayor Mader seated. Courtesy photo.)

Official Proclamation

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