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Russell City Council Approves Professional Services Agreement for Design Engineering for Water Production Plant A

Russell City Council 1-15-19The Russell City Council met Tuesday and approved a professional services agreement for design engineering for Water Production Plant A.

On March 3, engineers from Bartlett and West reviewed an assessment of Water Production Plant A, which is the older of the City's two water production plants, with the Council. The review included recommendations with several options to make improvements to the plant that would expand the useful life another 20 years. City staff worked internally to select options listed in the assessment that fit operational needs.

On April 7, City Public Works Director Rich Krause reviewed with the Council those options and the scope of work staff recommended from a list of 43 items with an estimated total project cost of $3.9 million.

On May 5, City staff presented an agreement draft from Bartlett and West for professional services, design phase, permitting and bidding phase services for $325,000. The Council approved the final agreement Tuesday.

Also Tuesday, the Council approved a Federal Aviation Administration grant application for an airport rehabilitation project.

The City maintains a five-year Airport Capital Improvement Plan on file with the FAA and the Kansas Department of Transportation. Items on the approved plan are eligible for FAA and KDOT grant funding as funds are available.

Some of the municipal airport runway, taxiway and apron joints need resealed and numerous panels require replacement. This project was included in the City's capital improvement plan.

The City received notice from the FAA they are considering the project as part of their fiscal year 2020 Airport Improvement Program.

Project bids were solicited and opened on April 14. One bid from GDS, LLC was received for $537,284. The bid is under review by the FAA.

The total project cost to include engineering was estimated at $645,785. Generally the FAA pays 90 percent of the project cost. For this project, the City's estimated cost was $64,579.

The FAA has advised additional funding is available through the CARES Act. Depending on the final funding formula, the City's share will be either $22,115 or zero.

Also Tuesday, the Council discussed the 2021 budget and pool operations for this summer.

May 5 Meeting Minutes

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