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Narrowbanding Deadline Nears for Mobile Radio Operators

Mobile RadioFarmers, fleet operators, schools and government agencies operating business band or Private Land Mobile Radio (PLMR) systems are facing a critical January 1, 2013, deadline.

By that date, the FCC has mandated that all private PLMR licensees operating on frequencies below 512 MHz move to 12.5 kHz narrowband voice channels.

Nex-Tech Mobile Radio Supervisor Ryan McClung urges PLMR operators to act soon, as the narrowbanding licensing process can be time consuming. "Since everyone is required to make this change, the FCC's approval process timeframe continues to lengthen," he said.

"Affected licensees have two choices to remain in compliance," stated McClung. "Make the transition to narrowband technology or get a waiver from the FCC."

McClung said operators most significantly impacted by the narrowbanding mandate are those who are using older radio equipment. "Most radios purchased within the past five years will be narrowband compliant," stated McClung. "The manufacturers have known since 1997 that this date was coming and that these mandates were going into effect in 2013."

"Licensees should be prepared for enforcement consequences if they do not meet their obligations or secure a waiver," warned McClung.

According to McClung, Nex-Tech Mobile Radio will provide free narrowband walkthroughs for all customers, law enforcement agencies and schools, and will provide them with a current list of radios they have, indicate which radios are compliant or non-compliant, and provide them a solution to become narrowband compliant by the 2013 deadline.

With the narrowbanding deadline less than three months away, McClung encourages all PLMR operators to visit www.nex-tech.com/narrowbanding or to call Nex-Tech Mobile Radio toll free at (800) 542-1315 for more information.

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