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Have You Changed Your Smoke, Carbon Monoxide Detector Batteries?

Russell City Fire DepartmentYou've probably heard the advertising campaign message recently to change your smoke and Carbon Monoxide detector batteries when you change your clocks, but local officials say they are finding many people aren't heeding the advice.

City of Russell Fire Chief Sam Schmidt says many people just don't routinely replace the detector's batteries, but some also occasionally take the batteries out and simply forget to put new ones in.

"What we're finding out is, too many folks are not changing their batteries," said Schmidt. "Smoke detectors are in most of the homes in Russell. It's a very simple, very inexpensive device that needs to be maintained. Just put the batteries back in them."

Schmidt also said regardless of how often or not your replace your detector's batteries, most smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors should be replaced every ten years.


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