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Big Creek is Back

Water DropBig Creek, one of two water sources for the City of Russell located south of the city, has begun flowing again after previously being dry for much of the summer.

Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein says the flow has returned because the City of Hays has quit irrigating for the season and is now allowing water back into the creek.

"It's not a real strong flow, but it's where we can take water from it everyday and hopefully it will stay in there," said Unrein. "Now if we try to take all of our water everyday from Big Creek it probably wouldn't stand up, but splitting it with some of the Pfiefer Wells, we're able to maintain those things. It's kind of a juggling act or managerial act to take from whatever source, whatever we need. That's a big, big help."

Even with the good news though, Russell still remains under a Stage IV Water Emergency and most likely will until some sort of large precipitation comes to the area. Unrein says citizens should continue to heed the restrictions under Stage IV, such as no outdoor watering, and should also continue to try to conserve water indoors as much as possible.

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