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Russell City Council Holds December Regular Monthly Meeting

Quinday City CouncilThe Russell City Council met Tuesday afternoon for its last meeting of the calendar year 2012.

Agenda topics included several end-of-the-year business items, a couple of which were a city employee pay resolution and budget transfers within city funds. As Interim City Manager Jon Quinday explains, another item of discussion was possible condemnation of three Russell homes.

"The City Council set public hearing dates for the condemnation procedures of three dilapidated structures, or old homes, in town," said Quinday. "I believe those public hearing dates were set for the February regular meeting in 2013."

The properties subject to condemnation are homes at 45 South Elm, 611 East 4th and 743 East 5th Streets in Russell.

Public comments were also heard by Russell citizens Curtis Mader and Father Charles Stier, both about the city's water situation. Mader expressed to the Council his support of an idea to implement a water holiday for Russell citizens.

"We've got to get deep soaks on these trees and shrubs or we are going to lose a lot of trees. It's a bad situation out there, even with the moisture we're getting, it's not enough," Mader said. "If you gave every other Sunday so people could go out during the day and water their trees - if you do it on a Sunday, most people would be home; they would be available - it would go a long ways toward next spring helping things recover from what they've been through."

The Council made no response at Tuesday's meeting to Mader's concerns or suggestions.

Two executive sessions, for a combined total of just over an hour, were also held at the meeting with no action taken in either.

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