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Remember Food Safety This Christmas

TurkeyFor holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, families and friends across the country gather together to share in fellowship around a table of great food, but sometimes sickness follows when feast leftovers are poorly taken care of.

Russell County Kansas State Research and Extension Agent Joann Paschal says to be mindful of how you prepare and put away your meal to reduce the risk of harmful bacteria developing in your food. She says letting the food cool before putting it into a refrigerator is the first step.

"Don't put a big batch into the refrigerator. The refrigerator is not something to cool it for you; it will keep it at a cool temperature," Paschal said. "If you put mashed potatoes, for example, in a big bowl - hot - into the refrigerator, they'll stay hot until the next day in the refrigerator in the very center."

Paschal says instead separate the leftovers into smaller containers.

For more tips or if you have any questions, contact either Paschal or John Stannard at the Extension Office.

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