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Russell City Council Hears Recreation Report, Discusses Meeting Format

Quinday City CouncilThe Russell City Council met Wednesday for its January work study session and a specially called meeting to discuss two topics in executive session.

Only two items were on the agenda for the work study. The first was a Russell Recreation report from Director Mike Blanke, who said 2012 was a great year for recreation in Russell with over 1,000 people participating in Russell Recreation programs last year. Blanke says he is proud of being able to provide a service that allows local kids and adults to stay in the community for recreation activities.

"I think one of the better things that we were able to accomplish is stay at home," Blanke said Wednesday. "I did not understand why we had to travel to other towns to play recreation, so I took it upon myself and a lot of help from my board, got permission to go into the school system, give out flyers and work with these kids. In my opinion, there's no reason why you should have to travel at $3.00 or $4.00 a gallon to play recreation, so now we've got enough kids where we're staying in town."

Also at Wednesday's work study, the Council addressed the format of its bi-monthly meetings, which currently entails holding a work study on the first Tuesday of the month and a formal meeting on the third Tuesday of the month. It was discussed whether or not the Council wanted to change that format in any way, for example go to two formal meetings a month where action could be taken at both, instead of where now only action can be taken once a month at the Council's third Tuesday, and more formal, meeting. More discussion and likely a decision will be made in two weeks at the Council's next regular meeting. 

Following the work study, the Council then called a special meeting to order to hold executive sessions for discussion of two separate topics - the first, non-elected personnel and the second, matters deemed subject to attorney-client privilege. The first lasted 50 minutes with Interim City Manager Jon Quinday entering the Council Chambers about seven minutes into the session and remaining with the Council for the rest of the time. The second lasted for 20 minutes. No action was taken after either session. 

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