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Big Creek, Wells Holding Steady but More Moisture Desperately Needed

Water Restrictions Water sources for the City of Russell seem to be stabilizing and holding steady according to local officials amid the continued drought affecting the area.

Even though some moisture has fallen in the past few days in the Russell area, City of Russell Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein says it's not near enough. However, the winter season has helped, says Unrein, because unlike most of the past summer, Russell now has two water sources to pull from - Big Creek and the Pfiefer Well Fields. Unrein says Big Creek was dry for a majority of the summer months, but is now flowing again.

"I think most of that is attributed to the big trees that go dormant," Unrein said. "They (the trees) don't take as much water (from the creek) in the winter time. And our wells at Pfiefer, while they're low, they're pretty stable right now - they're just kind of hanging in there, sometimes actually gaining a few inches in the water level." 

Unrein reminds folks that the City of Russell still remains under a Stage IV water conservation level, and any saving you can do definitely helps. That being said, he commends the public for doing their part so far.

"I think the citizens have done such a good job with conservation that there's not much more to conserve, especially in this time of year," said Unrein.

For any questions regarding watering restrictions in Russell or for conservation tips, contact Unrein at the City Building.

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