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Agreement Just the First Step in Development of Water Sources

Water DropAt its regular monthly meeting Tuesday, January 15 the Russell City Council voted to move forward with an agreement of water use for the city involving 62 acre feet of well water with a property owner in Ellis County.

Russell City Manager Jon Quinday says the agreement will allow Russell to purchase water from the owner, Lillian Leiker, upon approval by the state. Quinday says a specific timeline of when the city can actually start using the source is unclear, but he is happy the Russell City Council is taking the steps to acquire more water sources for Russell.

"What we need to do is work on this one, but at the same time continue to keep on developing additional sources," said Quinday. "The more water we can develop, the more augmentation we have to our well field, so we can rely on our well field, we can rely on Big Creek and then we can rely on these additional sources we develop. You're always balancing where you're taking the water from so the more options you have, the better off we are as a city." 

He went on to say what makes this agreement so good for Russell is that the purchase involves water near to the current Pfiefer Well Fields, making it very accessible. 62 acre feet of water translates to roughly about a months use of water for the City of Russell, said Quinday, meaning even if the well was already up and running, Stage IV water restrictions would most likely still be in place under the current conditions. That's why he says additional source acquisitions are important.

Quinday said also that at least in the short-term, if this agreement goes through as planned, water rates should stay the same for Russell citizens.

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