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Zoning Regulation Changes will Simplify Process

City of Russell LogoA couple zoning regulation changes on tap for City of Russell commercial and residential properties will simplify the process and eliminate confusion when putting up signs and fences in Russell, according to local officials.

Community Development Director Barry Mooney explains the two changes that should be implemented soon.

"Probably some of the biggest changes that we're looking at are some of the sign regulations as well as some of the fence regulations," Mooney said. "These regulations we're looking into give us more specifics as far as the size, the type of sign and where it can go. These regulations give you a little bit more guidance for some other options."

Mooney said the sign regulations will concern commercial businesses and the fence regulations will, for the most part, concern the height of front yard fences at residential properties.

Before these changes can take effect, they must be passed by the Russell City Council.

For any specific questions or other comments, contact Mooney at the City Building.

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