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Wilson Lake Water Levels Dropping

Wilson Lake low water levels 2013 coverAt approximately 3.7 feet below conservation level, Wilson Lake in eastern Russell County continues to suffer from the ongoing drought conditions.

Kansas Department of Wildlife, Parks and Tourism Biologist Scott Waters says between July and December of last year the lake dropped about six inches per month, but levels are still in better shape than they were the last time the area was facing a severe drought.

"The record low for Wilson was December of 2006 and that was about 7.2 feet below conservation, so we're about half way there," said Waters. "If we have a real dry year this year, there's a good chance we could lose another three feet or so pretty easy I think."

Waters said so far only a couple boat ramps at the lake have been closed because of low water levels, but a few more have been temporarily closed because of icing. However, he said there are a few ramps open and you still have several options of locations to get your boat into the water.

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