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City of Russell Crews Working Around the Clock to Clear Snow

Storm Shot from Jason Drake 2-21-13City of Russell crews have been working since the very early morning hours on Thursday to clear Russell streets of the heavy snow that has fallen.

City Manager Jon Quinday says city plows, backhoes, graders and pickups have been out clearing the city's emergency snow routes and other priority streets since around 2 AM Thursday morning. Quinday, who has been out with the crews all of that time and plans on working into the evening Thursday, urges citizens to move their cars off of Russell streets now so that city crews can better clear residential streets when the snowfall subsides.

"If at all possible, if they have an opportunity to take their car off the roads, that would help the street crews tremendously," Quinday said. "It keeps them from having to swerve around the cars, it keeps us from plowing vehicles in, and actually it speeds up the process because we don't have to maneuver around so many vehicles. Some of the residential streets are congested."

Quinday also stressed the importance of public safety at this time, and said unless it is an emergency, stay home.

Russell County and KDOT crews continue work on area highways as well.

To view the City of Russell's Snow Removal Policy, CLICK HERE

(Photo Courtesy of Jason Drake.)

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