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Electric Department Moving Forward with Upgrades

powerSeveral projects for the City of Russell Electric Department continue to move forward, even after being hindered slightly by the recent snow storm.

Electric Utilities Director Duane Banks says the overhaul on Unit 7 - one of the city's black start capable generators - after being approved by the Russell City Council recently, is moving forward well. Tear down of the unit has already taken place, and ordering, receiving and installing of parts has begun.

"We are replacing liners, pistons, rings and rod bearings - there's a lot of components," Banks said. "This unit will now be basically as good for another 30 years, as it was when it was installed. It does add a lot of benefit to the utility."

Other projects currently underway, such as installation of the high-power loop around the city, are also progressing well said Banks, but have been temporarily halted because of the snow. The Department is also still waiting on parts for that project as well. 

System reliability and redundancy will increase when the projects are complete, according to Banks.

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