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Russell County ED/CVB Launches Motorcycle Club Brochure

Russell County Economic Development and CVBRussell County Economic Development and Convention and Visitors Bureau has announced the development of a motorcycle club brochure promoting Russell County that will be mailed out throughout the midwest to motorcycle dealerships.

According to Janae Talbott, Executive Director of Eco Devo and CVB, the brochure promotes Russell County conveniences for travelers, but also details four scenic routes that biking clubs can travel on.

Talbott says research shows that motorcycle clubs enjoy a day trip or weekend trip to smaller communities with local owned stores and eateries. They also enjoy historic attractions and scenery that they can ride through.

She says their target is both the clubs that want a day or weekend trip, but also those that are traveling through from other states such as Missouri and Arkansas that have a strong motorcycle club marketing plan already in place. Those states have a big following already developed so Talbott hopes to be able to connect with their audience.

The brochure will also be added to the Eco Devo and CVB website for travelers that prefer online resources.

Additionally, Talbott says they also have a local rider that will distribute the brochures in Texas and also at Sturgis. She says they hope to start to catch additional riders headed to and from Sturgis to choose Russell County as their overnight stay option.

The goal of this project, according to Talbott, is to target an audience that will not only add to our current tourist audience, but also build a new audience so that when hunting season numbers are down due to drought conditions, Russell County will have additional tourists coming in that are not as affected by the drought in their traveling habits.

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