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State Representative Waymaster Carries Bill on House Floor

Troy Waymaster - LurayState Representative Troy Waymaster (R-Luray) on Thursday carried an agriculture bill on the House Floor.

A member of the House Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee, Representative Waymaster carried Senate Bill 56 during Thursday's General Orders. To "carry" a bill means the legislator from the committee of origination explains the bill to the entire body, then stands for questions from other legislators.

"Representative Waymaster did a fantastic job carrying the bill today," said House Speaker Ray Merrick (R-Stilwell). "He gave a clear explanation to the members and was well-versed in the details of the bill."

Senate Bill 56 transfers the recognition of county fair associations from the secretary of agriculture to the board of county commissioners.

The House gave initial approval to the bill Thursday on a voice vote.

Representative Waymaster is currently serving his first term in the Kansas House of Representatives.

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