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USD 407 AD Job Description Discussed at BOE Meeting, MINUTES NOW INCLUDED

USD 407 BOEAt a special meeting Monday evening, the USD 407 Board of Education discussed the newly opened Activities and Athletics Director district position and began talks on what they want to change about the job's description and daily duties before they hire a replacement.

Superintendent Dave Couch says resigned AD Mark Paul's current job may be split into two separate positions going forward.

"There has been discussion among the administrators whether we want to keep it a 7-12 situation or if it would be better to split it out - high school and middle school - with the middle school being a teacher/AD," said Couch.

The Board's consensus was that splitting the job would be the better option, because of the job's workload and that only one new outside hire would need to be made at the high school level and the middle school AD would be an existing faculty member. However, that idea raised another question - what would the high school position look like?

Russell High School Principal Larry Bernard said at the meeting that he would like to see the new hire be an Assistant Principal/Activities and Athletics Director. Bernard says more experience and qualifications would be needed for such a position, but he thinks heightening the application standards will help in getting better applicants for the job.

"If you have a person who has an administrative degree it takes the flexibility out of the search, but it increases the flexibility for your performance responsibilities on-site," said Bernard.

Minor changes to the formal job description that will be advertised were talked about, but most conversation at Monday's meeting was only preliminary in nature and no official action was taken. The Board did say they will take any suggestions of potential hires and they encourage the public to contact them if you have any ideas.

Also at the meeting, an executive session for staffing was held with no action being taken, and a slight change to the current budget was announced after an update on the state audit was given.

CLICK HERE for the meeting minutes.


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