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Russell County Commission Discusses Damaged Signs, Possible Courthouse Elevator Installation

Russell County CourthouseRussell County Road and Bridge Department Supervisor Larry Height told the County Commissioners at their regular meeting on Monday about severe vandalism that took place over the weekend on Canyon Road that resulted in the damaging of 14 road signs.

Commissioner Steve Boxberger says it's still not certain how much it will cost to repair or replace the signs.

"Had a report on some vandalism that occurred in the country on several county signs, which is very costly to the county taxpayers," Boxberger said. "And what I bet people don't realize is we do have a $500 reward for prosecution of vandalism of county property and signs especially."

Contact the Russell County Sheriff's Office if you have any further information. According to Sheriff John Fletcher, the reward is only valid if a subject is arrested and convicted of the crime.

Also addressed during the Commissioner's meeting on Monday was the possibility of installing an elevator in the Russell County Courthouse. The topic has been discussed in the past and possible blueprints have been put together, but no action to install an elevator has ever been taken. The Commissioners decided Monday to table further discussion for now until an engineer or architect can be contacted. They will readdress the issue briefly next Monday, April 8 during a work study session after completing canvassing of the April 2 election results.

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