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City Swimming Pool to Open as Normal This Year

Quinday City CouncilThe Russell City Council voted at a special meeting on Tuesday evening to open the Duke Johnson Municipal Swimming Pool this year as normal.

It had been discussed previously with the current drought and water regulations in Russell that not opening the pool might be better to help conserve water, but as Council Member Norma Jean Cook explains, the city pool serves a greater, community purpose.

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Also Tuesday, the Council made a slight amendment to the water use agreement with Lilian Leiker that involves an irrigation well west of Pfiefer that the city plans to purchase water from. Just some simple language and wording in the agreement was changed.

During the Council's monthly work study session that followed the special meeting on Tuesday, a 2012 city financial review was presented by Russell City Manager Jon Quinday and possible changes to the energy adjustment clause on city utility bills was discussed. According to Quinday, over the last couple years the current energy adjustment clause or fuel cost adjustment that fluctuates from month to month based on off-system sales of utilities was not recouping the city's costs, therefore the Council discussed making changes to the adjustment, possibly making it a fixed rate.

The Council also talked more in depth about an upcoming neighborhood revitalization plan that will include much of the mid-section of Russell. Much of the discussion was based on specifics of the proposed program and who and what could be involved in the incentives and improvements.

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