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Lucas City Councilman-Elect Will Not be Allowed to Serve

city of lucas logoA British immigrant and non-US citizen of Lucas, Adam Baker, won election to a Lucas City Council position in last weeks voting through a write-in campaign, but will not be able to serve because of his citizenship status.

The Russell County Commission along with County Clerk Mary Nuss and County Attorney Dan Krug discussed the issue Monday at the official election canvassing of votes. Krug said, under the law, someone who is an unqualified elector - not a US citizen or registered voter - cannot serve on an elected city council. Technically that person does have 30 days to become qualified, but Baker - since he is not registered and he is not a US citizen - would not be able to become qualified in that amount of time.

Baker attended Monday's canvassing and says he understands the decision based on the law and he will continue to work toward getting his citizenship.

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Baker said he hopes to be a citizen within about three to six months. He has already waited about two years.

Krug said his office will speak with the Kansas Secretary of State's office soon to ask a couple more questions about where to go from here, but the indication Monday was that the Lucas City Council seat in question will not be awarded to the election's second place finisher, instead it will be a vacancy to be appointed by the Lucas Mayor. Incumbent Councilmember Tamara Seirer received the second most votes for the position. 

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