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Local Officials Urge Importance of Vaccinations after Recent Rabies Case

Rabies VaccinationRecently, a confirmed case of the rabies virus in a domestic dog was reported in Russell, and that has led local officials, such as City of Russell Animal Warden Darlene Rose, to urge folks to get their pets vaccinated.

Rose says rabid domestic animals in Russell have been uncommon historically, but foxes, skunks and other wild animals with rabies are more common and pose a serious threat if they come in contact with an unvaccinated domestic animal. 

Not only is getting your pets vaccinated a good idea, Rose says it's also the law.

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If you have any questions about rabies, such as the symptoms or possible signs, or want more information about pet vaccination, contact the Russell Animal Control Office at 785-483-7111, your veterinarian or the County Health Department.

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