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Russell County Landfill closed Monday, April 24 due to high winds.

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Storm Shots from Wednesday Evening

Keith Haberer 1 5-8 StormA tornadic storm struck northwestern Russell County Wednesday evening, producing brief rope tornadoes. Here are a few storm shots from Wednesday's weather action.

Parts of Russell and Ellis Counties were under Tornado Warnings for about a half hour Wednesday evening because of the storm.

These first photos were taken by Keith Haberer from a location just northwest of Russell.

Keith Haberer 2 5-8 Storm  Keith Haberer 3 5-8 Storm  Keith Haberer 4 5-8 Storm

This photo below was taken by Damian Morgenstern looking west from near Paradise into eastern Ellis County.

Damian Morgenstern 5-8 Storm

These photos were taken by Jason Drake about six miles west of Russell at 6:40 PM Wednesday.

Jason Drake 1 5-8 Storm  Jason Drake 2 5-8 Storm

This photo was taken by Janae Talbott west of Russell.

Janae Talbott 5-8 Storm

Below is a picture of a possible wall cloud just northwest of Russell. Photo taken by David Elliott from KRSL Studios.

David Elliott 5-8 Storm

Here is a picture from Tracy Axtell of funnel clouds northwest of Gorham.

Tracy Axtell 5-8 Storm

These pictures were taken by Dave Johnson.

Dave Johnson 1 5-8 Storm  Dave Johnson 2 5-8 Storm  Dave Johnson 3 5-8 Storm

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