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Concealed Carry Law Extension Requested by Russell City Council

Russell City Council 2013 JuneAt its regular monthly meeting Tuesday afternoon the Russell City Council adopted a sidewalk replacement program, received bad news on the city's water supply and voted to request an extension on the implementation of a state concealed carry law.

The Council took the same action on Tuesday, June 18 on the state concealed carry law that the Russell County Commissioners took just one day before on Monday at their regular meeting. Both entities voted to delay the implementation of the law until January 1, 2014. The measure, which was passed by state legislators during their most recent session, calls for the allowance of persons with concealed carry licenses to be able to enter public city and county buildings carrying their concealed gun without issue.

Russell City Manager Jon Quinday says the six month extension will allow Councilmembers time to consider what vote they want to make.

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On Tuesday, the Council also approved a sidewalk replacement program that will allow homeowners to apply with the city to enter into a cost splitting agreement to replace residential sidewalks. More information about that program can be found in City Manager Quinday's most recent newsletter under the Local News tab on the left side of each webpage here on KRSL.com.

A bleak update on the city's water sources was also presented at the meeting. Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein says one of the city's water sources, Big Creek, is quickly running dry.

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Continued budget presentations were made in preparation for the next fiscal year and trash disposal funding was approved for a Russell PRIDE Committee Adopt-A-Neighborhood Program.

Three brief executive sessions were also held. Following the sessions, an amendment to the Pfiefer Wellfield Land Owners Agreement was approved.Sheldon Hamilton with Mayor Curt Mader

Retiring City Finance Director and Clerk Sheldon Hamilton was recognized at the meeting with a plaque of appreciation and Councilman Dave Harry announced his resignation from the Council due to accepting a job in Florida.

(Pictured at right is Hamilton receiving the plaque from Mayor Curt Mader.)

CLICK HERE for the May 21 regular meeting minutes.

CLICK HERE for the June 4 special meeting minutes.

The minutes from this meeting will be posted when released.

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