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Timeline Pushed Back for New City Water Source

Water DropAs Russell residents continue to deal with water restrictions, city officials continue their search for new water sources.

Russell Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein says the city is looking at purchasing water from irrigation wells west of the current city water source of the Pfiefer Wellfield.

The contract to purchase water from one such well, known as the Zimmerman-Lieker Well, has now been approved, but the engineering and finalization process to get the well up and going has taken longer than initially estimated.

Unrein says the city will most likely not be able to take water from the well until the first of the year.

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Initial estimates were that the well would be ready for use by October.

Unrein also noted that city officials are looking into the use of at least one more well that is located about another mile to the west of the Zimmerman-Lieker Well.

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