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Russell City Council Approves Mill Levy Increase

Russell City Council 2013 JuneThe Russell City Council voted Tuesday to add two mills to the 2014 budget to allow for the hire of a city code enforcement officer.

According to city officials, the new position will start in January and will be responsible for "cleaning up Russell" in the form of dealing with nuisance properties and vehicles.

Councilman GJ Long said he doesn't want to raise taxes anymore than the next guy, but he thinks this position is important to the continued beautification of Russell.

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Councilman Chuck Bean, however, did not agree.

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The vote passed five to three with Councilmembers Bean, Tony Witt and Blaine Stoppel voting against.

According to Russell City Manager Jon Quinday, the average property tax increase for Russell residents will depend on the value of their home or property. He said for a $65,000 home, taxes will go up about $10 to $15 a year.

Water was also discussed Tuesday evening at the meeting. Councilmembers decided to stay in Stage IV, but did consider a move to Stage III.

City Manager Jon Quinday...

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However, as previously mentioned, the Council decided to remain in a Stage IV Water Emergency. They will readdress the issue the next time they meet, which will be September 3.

Mandatory electric department upgrades and expenses were addressed as well. Councilmembers approved equipment purchases to update three of the city's current generators, but decided not to award any bids for new generation. Many of the upgrades are mandatory because of new national EPA standards.

CLICK HERE for the July 16 regular meeting minutes.

CLICK HERE for the August 6 special meeting minutes.

The minutes from the August 20 meeting will be made available when they are released.

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