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Talbott Encourages Local Shopping

Russell County Economic Development and CVBLocal purchases support local jobs - that from Russell County Economic Development and Convention and Visitors Bureau Executive Director Janae Talbott, who stresses the importance of local shopping.

She says, while larger retail chain stores in bigger cities may offer sales and discounts that seem unbeatable, dollars spent locally support vital local public services in our town and county.

Talbott explains local ownership ensures decisions are made locally by people that live in our community and better yet, you can grow relationships with local merchants. They can get to know you and cater to your preferences.

Local merchants also care about the community and invest dollars back into our community says Talbott.

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And as far as driving to a bigger store or city to shop, you save money when you shop at home because you don't pay added fuel costs.

According to Talbott, your purchases help our town attract new entrepreneurs, skilled workers and families to our community as well.

For more reasons to shop local, contact Talbott at the Russell County Eco Devo and CVB office at 785-483-4000.

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