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Compromise Sought in County's Process to Replace Historic Bridge

Russell County CourthouseA historic, limestone structure bridge in extreme southwestern Russell County that borders Rush County has been the topic of much discussion recently between representatives from both counties.

The bridge, which is historically significant, is in heavy disrepair according to officials and needs to be either repaired or replaced as soon as possible.

Russell County Commissioners met Tuesday in special session to discuss the issue. 

A bridge inspection back in February of 2012 found deficiencies and damage in the bridge, and since that point, Rush and Russell Counties have been in talks of what to do with the bridge. Rush County Commissioners have taken the stance of repairing the bridge, while Russell County Commissioners have wanted to replace it from the beginning.

Russell County Commissioners met for about 30 minutes Tuesday in executive session, and when regular session resumed, they voted to continue talks with Rush County to pursue a compromise. It had been previously discussed that getting the state involved in a mediation process was possible, but Commissioners ultimately decided against that choice Tuesday.

The issue will be further addressed Tuesday, September 3 at the Commissioners next regular meeting.

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