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County Commissioners Continue Bridge, Courthouse Discussions

Russell County CourthouseThe Russell County Commissioners met Tuesday in regular session and continued ongoing bridge and courthouse discussions as well as awarded bids for various County Road and Bridge Department purchases.

The majority of the meeting was spent talking with County Administrator Kenton Lyon about those two aforementioned ongoing issues - the Rush County bridge that sits on the Russell/Rush County line and is in disrepair, and ADA compliance upgrades to the Russell County Courthouse.

One week ago, the Commissioners decided to try to work out a compromise with Rush County and not have the state become involved in mediation. Commissioner Alan Kuntzsch says emails and calls were exchanged Tuesday with the Rush County Commissioners to try to draft an agreement between both sides.

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No final agreement was reached Tuesday. Both sides have until Friday to come to terms.

The other major discussion at the meeting involved required handicap and ADA compliance regulations at the Russell County Courthouse. Renovating the existing building or constructing an addition are the two options. Kuntzsch explains it will cost an estimated $1.6 to $2 million to renovate the existing three floor building to bring it up to code, but it's still not completely known how much it would cost to build a new addition.

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No final action was taken.

One other topic of note addressed Tuesday was the awarding of bridge deck repair bids. Commissioner Kuntzsch...

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An electric welder bid was also awarded.

CLICK HERE for the August 19 meeting minutes. The September 3 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

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