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Russell City Council Moves Forward with Additional Wells

Russell City Council 2013 JuneThe Russell City Council held its regular monthly work study Tuesday afternoon, but before the session began, a continuation of the August 20 meeting was held where Councilmembers took action on additional water sources for Russell.

Agreements to purchase water from two new wells, known as the Zimmerman-Leiker and Engel Wells, were signed recently by City of Russell officials and the respective land owners. Both wells are located just west of the city's current Pfeifer Wellfield.

Russell City Manager Jon Quinday explains Councilmembers took action Tuesday to award a bid and begin construction on a pipeline from the Pfeifer Wells to the Zimmerman-Leiker Well.

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The bid was awarded to Nowak Construction. The Council is expected to take action on the Engel Well in two weeks.

Also during the meeting, Councilmembers briefly discussed the recent water leak in the pipeline from Pfeifer to Russell. Russell Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein said the pipeline is 30 years old and does have some weak spots, but overall he thinks it is still is good condition.

The Council did not address easing water restrictions.

Topics discussed during the Council's work study included the KDOT rest area just east of Russell on Interstate 70, property maintenance codes and review of bids for a new lagoon mixer for the city.

Because of added wear and tear, city water use and proximity to Russell, KDOT is considering closing the rest area facility just east of Russell. Councilmembers agreed that closing the facility might bring more interstate traffic and business into Russell.

Connie Blanke of the Russell PRIDE group also gave the Council an update on possible plans to build large "Welcome to Russell" signs near the Russell I-70 exits.

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