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Bridge Compromise Reached

Russell County CourthouseA nearly two year-long dispute over the replacement of a dilapidated, but historic, bridge in the extreme southwest corner of Russell County is nearing resolution.

Russell County Commissioners and Rush County Commissioners have been working toward a compromise for several months on what to do with the old limestone bridge that lies on the border of the two counties. Because of its state of disrepair, the bridge has been closed for two months now.

Initially, Rush County officials wanted to repair the bridge to preserve its WPA project historical significance, but Russell County officials disagreed, taking the position to replace the bridge with a more modern and much safer structure; also citing overall costs to do such a project would be lower.

According to Russell County Public Service Administrator Kenton Lyon, Russell County received a signed compromise agreement from Rush County on Wednesday to replace the bridge.

In short, the agreement moves the ownership of the bridge from Rush County to Russell County and states Russell County will pay basically half of the material costs to replace the bridge. Russell County Road and Bridge Department crews will do a majority of the work. Lyon said Wednesday overall costs to Russell County should total between $50,000 and $60,000.

The Russell County Commissioners will sign the agreement to make it official at their meeting on Monday. Stay with KRSL Russell Radio and KRSL.com for a full report next week.

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