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Pfeifer Well-Field Expansion Moves Forward

Water DropThe effort to acquire and purchase more water sources for the City of Russell continues and according to city officials, physical progress on site is now being made.

Russell Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein said Thursday construction has begun on a pipeline just west of the current Pfeifer Well-Field to connect the city's wells to a new well, formerly the Zimmerman-Leiker Well, now called Well #11.

Unrein lines out the plan.

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Unrein said he hopes to be pulling water from that well by the first of the year. That's not where the work to find more water sources ends though, according to Unrein.

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Without being able to use Big Creek on a consistent basis lately, Unrein says the Pfeifer Well-Field and any new wells are crucial for Russell's water supply.

Russell remains in a Stage IV Water Emergency, and has been under mandatory water restrictions since November of last year.

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