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Russell City Council Discusses Zoning, Property Maintenance Codes

Russell City Council 2013 JuneA proposed zoning change and property maintenance codes dominated discussion at the Russell City Council's Tuesday work study.

The zoning change was addressed two weeks ago at the Council's September regular meeting, but a decision was tabled. If the rezoning is approved, it would change a small section of land at the corner of 3rd and St. John Streets from residential to commercial.

The reason for the change stems from the request of the land owner to build a large metal shed on the property - seemingly creating a buffer of commercial land between residential and industrial zoned areas.

Councilman GJ Long does not think commercial zoning would be the best use for the property.

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Councilwoman Michelle Wagner says the decision to allow or disallow the rezoning hinges on long-awaited updates to the city's property maintenance codes, ordinances and zoning requirements.

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A revamp of the zoning requirements and codes has been a project of City Building Official Barry Mooney's for about two years now.

Mayor Curt Mader is in favor of the rezoning.

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Also Tuesday, the Council addressed various property maintenance codes and ordinances and gave direction to city officials on what codes need to be of most importance for the new code enforcement officer to address.

A possible upcoming housing assessment and strategy plan was discussed as well, where a company would come in and research the positives and negatives of the housing market in Russell.

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