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Wilson Lake Affected by Government Shutdown

US Army Corp of EngineersThe U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is preparing for the required closure of all Corps-operated campgrounds and day-use parks nationwide beginning Tuesday, October 1, as the shutdown of the federal government goes into effect.

Affected recreation areas will not reopen until after the shutdown is lifted.

Corps parks leased to partner agencies and concessionaires will remain open, but cannot be supported by the Corps while the shutdown is in place.

"The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers understands the impact that these actions might have on the American recreating public since we are required to close our recreation areas," said James R. Hannon, Chief of Operations, Headquarters, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. "We know that this is a time of year when many vacationing families are using or planning to use Corps recreation facilities, and we will reopen them for public use and enjoyment as quickly as possible."

Beginning Tuesday, October 1 and continuing through the end of the shutdown, no new visitors will be allowed into Corps recreation facilities. Campers who are on site prior to the shutdown going into effect will be required to vacate campgrounds not later than 8 PM Wednesday, October 2.

Note: This only includes the sections of Wilson Lake that are managed or owned by the Corps. Barricades have been put up to close access to the park areas.

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