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Jim New: Thanks for Conserving

Water DropJim New, a Russell resident who was asked by Russell city officials in 2011 to help educate and implement water conservation in the city, has a message for you - congratulations and thanks.

New recently told KRSL News that Russell's efforts to conserve water over the last year during a time of drought and water restrictions has been great. He thanked city officials for their leadership and he also congratulated all the citizens of Russell for a job well done so far.

However, the work to conserve doesn't stop there.

New says per household, Russell residents still use just a tick more water per day than the national average, which is 100 gallons.

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New says conservation efforts using rain barrels, low flow shower heads and toilets, and greywater, also known as recycled water, from sinks, showers and baths are paramount to the continued betterment of Russell's water situation.

For more information and conservation calculations, CLICK HERE to read a brief summary letter written by New.

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