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Russell County Commissioners Approve Courthouse Addition

Russell County CourthouseThe Russell County Courthouse will soon be expanded as the official approval to move forward with a building addition next to the historic structure was put into motion Monday by the Russell County Commissioners.

As the current courthouse continues to seriously need upgrades and handicap compliance updates, it had long been discussed among the Commissioners whether or not to perform renovations on the building or simply build a new addition.

Commissioner Alan Kuntzsch says it will cost roughly $2.7 to $3 million to build the addition, while renovating the current courthouse alone would have cost nearly $2 million.

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Kuntzsch says having all those offices on ground level will eliminate the need for extensive renovations to the current building and will make it easier for folks to navigate county offices. 

Also, he says the money for the improvement is there and has been set aside for such a project as this, therefore taxes and the general public will not be affected financially. The addition will be built next to the courthouse on the north side.

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Zoning and bridge work in the county was addressed as well at Monday's Commissioners meeting. It was officially announced that Gail Ogle of the GIS Department will be retiring effective November 29.

CLICK HERE for the October 21 meeting minutes. The November 4 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

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