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Plans Underway to Close I-70 Rest Areas East of Russell

Rest AreaThe Kansas Department of Transportation is seeking public feedback on plans to close the east and westbound Interstate 70 rest area facilities located two miles east of Russell.

A grassroots effort by local officials in Russell County led KDOT to consider the closure as a way to conserve the region's scarce water resources.

Water consumption and costs have doubled for KDOT during the past two years and the city of Russell has enacted a water conservation plan.

"The increase in water usage and costs and the fact that the rest areas are within a few miles of the same services in Russell and Bunker Hill, led us to consider closing the facilities," said District Three Maintenance Engineer Joe Finley. "If we know our rest areas are putting a hardship on the city of Russell, then it just makes sense to pursue the closures."

In addition to the input of local officials, KDOT will consider public comments in making the final decision about whether to close these rest areas. Comments will be accepted until January 15, 2014.

Feedback may be made to: KDOT District Three Maintenance Engineer Joseph Finley at (785) 877-3315 or [email protected] or 312 South Second Avenue, Norton, KS 67654; Or KDOT Area Engineer Kevin Zimmer at (785) 625-9718 or [email protected] or 1811 W. Frontier Road, Hays, KS 67601.

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