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Russell City Council Approves Special Water Use Permits

Russell City Council Dec 2013Upon publishment in the newspaper, a new resolution to issue special water use permits to Russell residents and business owners will go into effect as the Russell City Council approved the measure Tuesday night.

The Council had discussed special water use permits and their possible issuance at its last several meetings.

According to the approved resolution, the permits will be issued to folks for a fee of $25 and only during a period of water emergency when water is running over the low head dam in Big Creek immediately downstream from the city's pumping station.

City Manager Jon Quinday says educating Russell residents when the permits are available and when they aren't will take time.

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A permit will be good for one day from 6 AM to 11 PM and only two permits can be issued at the same address within 30 days.

Permit uses will include outdoor watering of private and public grounds, outdoor watering for filling swimming pools, washing of the exterior of any building or structure for maintenance purposes, washing of the parking lot on commercial or industrial property for maintenance purposes, and washing of vehicles and other automobiles.

Councilman Tony Witt...

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Also approved Tuesday night at the meeting was an interlocal cooperation agreement between the city and Russell County for the continued cooperative use of the Rescue 1 Fire Engine, and new municipal golf course tournament requirements that should help current scheduling problems.

CLICK HERE for the December 17 meeting minutes.

CLICK HERE for the January 7 special meeting minutes.

The January 21 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

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