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KDOT Hay Harvest Permits Required on State Right-of-Way

KDOTThe Kansas Department of Transportation has announced permits will be issued to landowners wanting to harvest hay on Kansas highway right-of-way.

Those with land adjacent to the right of way will be given permit priority from January 1 until March 31. After March 31, permits to harvest will be issued in the order in which they are received. The permits will expire September 30.

Hay harvesting on right-of-way along state and federal highways without a permit is illegal and is trespassing, according to KDOT.

Permits can be canceled at any time by either party and all operations shall be in accord with requirements and guidelines set by KDOT. Any person, firm or corporation wanting to mow or bale hay will need to submit a permit application to the KDOT office in their area. No hay harvesting will take place along Interstates and access to any right-of-way shall be determined by KDOT.

For additional information, contact the Hays KDOT office at 785-625-9718 or call the KDOT Bureau of Maintenance in Topeka at 785-296-3576.

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