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Natoma Residents Asked to Conserve Water

Water Restrictions Russell is not the only town in the area asking its citizens to reduce water use, as the City of Natoma has now enacted Phase I of its water conservation plan.

Natoma Mayor Dale Eickhoff says the water levels in the city's five wells along Paradise Creek have dropped eight to 10 feet within the past two years. If the area doesn't receive measurable moisture within the next few months, Eickhoff says the wells could drop another couple feet by summers end based on current use and the amount of water absorbed by trees along the creek.

Phase I is completely voluntary according to Eickhoff.

Natoma folks are encouraged to conserve water whenever they can by not watering lawns during the middle of the day and not leaving the hose on when washing your car. Also, steps taken to repair leaky faucets and toilets are encouraged as well as taking shorter showers and running your washer and dishwasher with full loads.

For more information and tips, contact the Natoma City Hall at 785-885-4833.

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