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Fire Hydrant Flow Testing to Begin March 27

Russell City Fire DepartmentThe Russell City Fire Department will begin flow testing fire hydrants March 27.

The testing will allow the city to find any potential problems with the hydrants as well as perform maintenance on the water system by flushing the water lines to remove any sediment.

This clearing of sediments may cause your water to be discolored for a period of time. It could cause issues with taste, clothes washing and other water use.

To help prevent any problems with use of your water during and after the flush, you may want to run your water for several minutes before using it to make sure residual sediments have been completely flushed through.

Flow testing will be conducted in two areas March 27 through April 3. Area one will be Grant Street to St. John Street and 15th Street to 17th Street. Area two will be Dorrance to Jewell and Ash to Van Houten.

Affected residents will be notified by the Fire Department with yellow door hangers.

If you have any questions, please call the Fire Department at 483-7111.

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