Tuesday's Russell/Victoria Varsity Baseball games vs. TMP postponed to Thursday. Junior Varsity will play as scheduled on Tuesday.

Russell Track Club practice for tonight has been canceled.

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Dreaming of a Drive-In

Sky Vu Meeting 5-29-14 1"This is not just about growing a piece of property on the west side of town, this is about growing Russell," said Dream Theatre Director Steve Wells Thursday night at a town hall meeting regarding the possibility of reopening Russell's Sky Vu Drive-In Theatre.

About 40 people attended the event held at the Dream Theatre to voice their opinions about the proposed project.

Wells says the Keep the Dream Alive Committee has been planning the project for about five years and wants to bring a sense of nostalgia back to Russell. He says 10 acres of land just east of the former location of the drive-in on Highway 40 has been donated.

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Even with that hurdle out of the way, Wells estimates the projection equipment and screen alone will cost around $250,000. He is confident the funds will be raised and the theatre will make money.

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Ideas regarding concession stand options and off-time revenue events were discussed at the meeting. Concerts, car shows and flea markets as well as maybe the installation of a miniature golf course or go kart track were talked about. Also, the popular and nostalgic flying saucers might make a comeback at the concession stand.

Standing from the podium at the front of the Dream Theatre auditorium Thursday night, Wells offered this final word of encouragement.

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If you have any ideas or want to make a donation to the project, contact Wells or call the Dream Theatre at 785-445-1949.

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