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Budget Talks, Development of New Water Sources Dominate Russell City Council Work Study

Russell City Council 5-6-14Talks regarding the 2015 fiscal year budget and development of new water sources dominated discussion Tuesday afternoon at the Russell City Council's regular monthly work study session.

City Manager Jon Quinday presented an overview of the city's enterprise funds, which include the electric, water, wastewater and sanitation funds. The main area of concern remains the water fund, but increased revenues based on the recently approved water rate adjustments should eventually bolster the fund.

Development of new water sources, specifically Well 12 or the Engel Well near the Pfeifer Wellfield, was also discussed Tuesday.

The city has been in negotiations with the land owner for some time now, but Quinday asked the Council Tuesday that now since Well 11 is up and running, how do they want to proceed with Well 12.

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The Council's consensus was to look at a long term lease, and while the land owner might be interested, City Attorney Ken Cole says the state might not be.

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Also Tuesday, the Council discussed two small electrical maintenance projects that will be voted on in two weeks at the regular monthly meeting.

The possible resurfacing of South Fossil Street was also addressed. The city is in the process of applying for grant funds with KDOT.

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