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C12 Energy Looks to Reinvigorate Russell County Oilfields

C12 EnergyA new Russell industry that has now officially opened its doors on South Fossil Street is hoping to reinvigorate and revitalize Russell County's oil industry in a big way.

C12 Energy, with offices in Berkeley, California, Denver, Colorado and now Russell, Kansas, specializes in enhanced oil recovery of mature oilfields.

Vice President of Business Development Barclay Rogers explains how they do it.

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Rogers says other projects similar to this are showing success in Texas and along the gulf coast.

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He says it is estimated to be a 25 year and $140 million project that will generate 10 million barrels of oil.

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The company hopes to begin pipeline construction later this year and start injecting carbon dioxide in about a year.

For more information, go to C12Energy.com.

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