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Russell County Mill Levy to Decrease

Russell County Commissioners 3-17-14For the fourth consecutive year, the Russell County mill levy is slated to decrease next year.

The Russell County Commissioners gave tentative approval of the 2015 budget at their regular meeting Monday at the Courthouse.

Commissioner Alan Kuntzsch says increased property values around the county mean even with the mill levy decrease, not much change will be seen in the amount of money taken in.

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The public budget hearing will be August 4 during the Commissioners regular meeting. The budget will be finalized in August.

Continuing the budget discussions, the Commissioners talked Monday with EMS Director Jennifer Cisneros about ongoing problems with Medicare and Medicaid.

Kuntzsch says the county is not receiving full payments of service from those two programs.

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Also Monday, a special meeting for July 30 at 2 PM was set to open the Courthouse addition bids. No action on the bids will be taken until at least August 4.

CLICK HERE for the July 7 meeting minutes. The July 21 meeting minutes will be made available when they are released.

CLICK HERE to view the floor plans for the Russell County Courthouse addition.

CLICK HERE to view an artist rendering of the Courthouse addition.

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