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Lincoln County Qualifies for ECP

FSADue to severe drought in 2014, Lincoln County qualified for the Emergency Conservation Program (ECP).

An ECP signup period will be held at the FSA office from July 21 through August 29, 2014, for potential cost-share assistance to resolve livestock water problems on pasture land physically located in Lincoln County.

One example would be if producers rely on ponds for livestock water, and the ponds dried up or were at extremely low levels due to drought, producers may be eligible to drill a new well and install a pumping and storage system. Other livestock water options may also be available.

Subject to funding and eligibility determinations, ECP may compensate producers up to 75 percent of the cost to return agricultural land to productive use.

Installing a new water system can be expensive, but ECP is not an entitlement program, meaning that producers must qualify for assistance.

To be eligible, the cost of the proposed project must cause a financial hardship to the participant that he/she cannot afford to complete on their own.

Also, unless a producer would qualify as a limited resource producer, applicants must have at least $1000 or more in sustained costs to qualify. Costs will be estimated for proposed work to resolve livestock water problems.

ECP requests should be filed before any work is started, and by the person(s) or entities that will be bearing the cost.

If producers with Lincoln County land feel that they may qualify for ECP, they should visit the Lincoln FSA office immediately at 112 East Court Street in Lincoln, Kansas or call 785-524-4855 for more information.

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