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City of Russell to Spray for Elm Leaf Beetles

Elm Leaf BeetleElm Leaf Beetles are becoming a big problem in Russell; enough of a problem that city officials will soon begin spraying insecticide in the city to reduce the possibility of an infestation.

Russell Public Works Director Arlyn Unrein says something needs to be done soon before multiple trees around the city are killed.

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As Unrein said, the spraying will only help elm trees that are located near city streets. If you have any elm trees in your backyard, he recommends you keep an eye on them and spray them yourself if needed.

It's not nearly as big of a problem as the beetles, but Unrein also says bagworms have been reported in the city.

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For more information or if you have any questions, contact Unrein at the City Building at 483-6311.


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