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KRSL.com Special: Flying Pig Has Resident Artist

Eric AbrahamIt has been almost a year since Eric Abraham died at the age of 76 from complications of surgery. His death was quite a shock to the town of Lucas and to the Kansas Art community.

Eric's daughter Mercedes Abraham arrived in Lucas in June.

Mercedes' goal was to get her father's work on display so the Flying Pig Studio & Gallery could stay open for tourists. While staying in Lucas she got to meet all of her father's friends and now knows why he stayed in Lucas for as long as he did.

Mercedes left in July to return back to California. She will be working on setting up the gallery as a non-profit. The gallery will not be unattended. Artist and filmmaker Peter Max Lawrence of Kansas City, Kansas arrived in Lucas from San Francisco in July. For the next year Peter Max will be staying at the Flying Pig and it will be open for tourists to see the fantastic works of Eric Abraham.

Peter Max Lawrence attended Art School in San Francisco, California and also went to San Francisco City College Film School. Lawrence describes his art as a wide variety of multi-disciplinary video performance and illustration painting. He has been a professional artist since the age of 19.

While Lawrence is here he will be helping "ready" the Flying Pig Studio & Gallery for future artist in residents. Just like Eric, Lawrence will be away at different times for his art and also working on it. It will be viewable to public while he is here.

"I have never lived in a town this small. It is so concentrated with people who are extremely helpful, curious, intriguing all with the interest of art," said Lawrence when asked what he thought of the Grassroots Art Capital of Kansas. "Art reflects the people's dedication. I appreciate grassroots/outsider art."

Lawrence said the landscape is compelling around Lucas. The drive from I-70 to Lucas is gorgeous. When asked if he has been an artist in resident anywhere else he stated, "I have in a few places: Iceland, a short residency in Barcelona and a few in San Francisco, California."

Peter Max Lawrence will be here this weekend for the Adam's Apple Festival and have the Flying Pig Studio & Gallery open from 11 AM to 5 PM.

Mercedes Abraham will continue to work on creating a non-for-profit (501c3) for her father's legacy. The roof is in need of repair and will require a large "chunk of change". If any donations are made it will go towards repair of the roof.

It could possibly take two years before everything is in place to operate the facility as a nonprofit gallery but she knows it is in good hands right now with Peter Max Lawrence and appreciated by all those who visit it.

(Story by Rita Sharp, Lucas-Sylvan News.)

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