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Thursday Storms Produce Brief Tornado Touchdowns

Severe WeatherThursday evening's thunderstorms in the KRSL listening area dropped very beneficial rain on isolated parts of Russell County, but also produced two reports of brief tornado touchdowns in the area.

According to a recent law enforcement report, at 5:30 PM Thursday, Waldo Fire Chief Mike Finkenbinder advised via radio there was a funnel cloud north of Natoma that was about half way to the ground. The National Weather Service was contacted and said the funnel cloud was moving northeast. Reportedly, the funnel cloud did at one time touch the ground and pick up debris.

At 6:30 PM, Bruce Bohnen called to report a funnel cloud associated with a separate storm southwest of Bunker Hill possibly near the Smoky Hill River. Monty Mai called advising he saw the tornado touch the ground and did see debris flying.

Mai called back at 6:47 advising he located the area where the funnel cloud came down. He said it came down at Radke Implement in Milberger.

Mai advised seven or eight tractors were damaged and several windows were blown out of Radke Implement.

Russell County Sheriff's Deputies responded and did confirm the damage.

No injuries were reported.

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